Pasture-Raised Turkeys


Pasture-Raised Turkeys
When one thinks of farm animals who graze, one immediately conjures up images of sheep, goats, cattle and horses.  At Coon Creek Family Farm, one of our most aggressive grazers is the turkey!  These amazing and inquisitive creatures love to eat grass!  They thoroughly enjoy being raised in the great outdoors where they can chase grasshoppers, dust bath and most of all - eat off our lush and beautiful green pastures. 

Many of our white turkey customers have called us after the Thanksgiving Holiday to say their Coon Creek Family Farm turkey was the best bird they have ever eaten!  Make them part of your family tradition!  Order one (or more!) today!

We highly recommend you brine our turkeys and make soup from the carcass and bones.  Information on how to do these things can be found here:  Brine and Soup

We use a clean cooler to hold our turkey during the brining process.  We place this in the garage overnight the night before Thanksgiving.  Here our turkey is in the salt brine (using Kosher or Sea Salt - NOT iodized salt) with some added maple syrup, garlic and onions.  The flavor is superb and the meat moist!

More info on Holiday Turkeys - Planning/Thawing Etc:



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