Free-Range Eggs

Free-Range Eggs    

Our farm fresh eggs are fantastically delicious!  They have yolks the color of sunshine and whites that stay together.  In addition, they were recently awarded the highest ranking by The Cornucopia Institute

Free Range
All of our laying hens free-range.  This means that they freely roam the farm all day long.  At night, they are closed in their coop t
o protect them from predators. 

Our hens are fed certified organic feed from day one.  This locally grown organic feed is free from hormones, antibiotics and "GMO's" - Genetically Modified Organisms.  (Please note that it is possible on other farms to have free-range hens that eat medicated feed.).

Our girls often behave like children - despite the fact that we have many, many nest boxes available - they all want the same one!

We are home to a number of Auracona hens.  These girls are also know as the "Easter Egg Chicken".  They get that name from the pastel colored eggs they lay.  I like to refer to them as the busy person's Easter egg - just boil them up and you're good to go - the girls have already done the work of dying them! Each dozen usually contains at least one "Easter egg".

Eggs Available:

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