Pasture-Raised  Chickens

Pasture-Raised Poultry

"Pastured poultry" refers to a special way of raising chickens.  Using this method, chicks are put out on pasture at 3-4 weeks of age depending upon their growth and weather conditions.

Why on Pasture?
Chickens raised outside have a much better life than those raised in confinement as is typical of the commercial poultry industry.  Being outdoors allows the chickens access to sunshine, grass and bugs.  In addition, they are fed a certified organic feed from day 1 on.  This special diet and environmental set-up makes for healthier, happier chickens.  It also translates into tastier, healthier food for your table.

Our delicious chicken are processed at a USDA inspected processor and shrink wrapped to keep nicely in your freezer.  We offer a quantity discount for customers who wish to purchase 20 or more chickens over the course of a year.  You do not need to get all of your chickens at once to take advantage of this special.

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